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     Seven clear days notice prior to the commencement start date of the course must be given if you wish to cancel training for any reason. If seven days notice is not given by your company prior to cancellation the full agreed training fee will be payable by you. Training is booked by you on this full understanding and undertaking. Unfortunately we do have to enforce this cancellation requirement because as a training provider we would still be required to pay our instructors in full, and we would not be able to re-schedule or re-allocate work for the instructor at such short notice.Training is sometimes planned months in advance, instructors are booked and allocated the courses. Short notice cancellation as you can appreciate creates lots of problems and lost revenue. Please be certain when booking courses.

     Payments of invoices are to be met within 30 days of the invoice date. Certificates are then issued. By booking a training course with us, then are you agreeing to these payment terms.  

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