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Crane Training - Objectives

We aim to instruct persons in the use of pendant control overhead cranes in workshop, warehouse and offshore environments, and to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for safe operation of overhead travelling cranes.


Classroom and practical instruction on the following:

  • Pre-start checks
  • Operational checks
  • Safe systems of work
  • Operating crane with various loads in good and restricted areas
  • Correct shutdown procedures
  • Correct slinging techniques
  • Load estimation
  • Calculation of angles and tensions
  • Lifting gear pre-use checks
  • Procedures for dealing with damaged or faulty equipment
  • Emergency procedures


  • The course will be completed with an assessment
  • Training to be held on client’s premises.
  • A suitable classroom with flip chart or whiteboard is required
  • Equipment required for practical exercises must meet industry standard and be certified as fit for use.

    Slinger Training - Objectives

    To instruct persons involved in basic slinging and crane lifting operations to guide crane operators by hand and radio signals, in both good and restricted visibility, and to safely carry out basic slinging procedures.


    Classroom instruction on the following:

    • Legislation of lifting appliances and gear
    • Responsibilities of the banksman
    • Basic crane appreciation
    • Crane hand and radio signals
    • Safe and correct methods of slinging
    • Use of tag lines

    Practical instruction and delegate participation on the following:

    Inspection of equipment before use to include:

    • Wire rope slinging
    • Round (endless) slinging
    • Shackles
    • Hooks
    • Eye bolts
    • Slinging of various loads using the above lifting gear
    • Banking/signalling crane using hand signals and radios in good and restricted visibility

    Correct procedures for stowage of lifting gear and procedures for dealing with damaged/faulty equipment.  

    man in slinger training

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