Harness & Ladder Training

Harness Training - Objectives

To give personnel an understanding of the current legislation and the necessity to have properly fitted harness equipment types available and selection for uses including regular checking of its “fit for purpose”.


  • Legislation
  • Hierarchy of risk
  • General principles of personal fall protection equipment
  • Harness and equipment Inspection protocol
  • Factors to take into account during risk assessment

Course includes classroom demonstration

Ladder Training - Objectives

To ensure all personnel are aware of their obligations with regards to Working at Height Regulations published in April 2005.


  • Legislation
  • Hierarchy of fall protection
  • Planning and organisation
  • Ladders/platforms/steps
  • Types
  • Selection, inspection and maintenance
  • Handling, moving, siting and erection
  • Ascending and working from ladders, carrying tools and equipment

This course involves theoretical study and delegates will be expected to participate in the practical demonstrations. PPE will be required.  

Men in ladder and harness training

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